Pluto should be a planet!

Pluto does not get enough respect. Thank you to NASA Chief, Jim Bridenstine, for speaking out. Read about it here. Google the rest.

As far as I am concerned, it’s out there, alone, and has its own gravity. and it aint’ no asteroid. (wiki, of course). The wiki to Pluto here, more accurate than I could be. Also this overview is worth the read about the New Horizons mission.

It’s a planet I say! Enough said!

One question that is up for debate, since our moon is 1/6th the size of earth and Pluto is, yes, smaller, what constitutes a moon and not a binary pair? If a moon is alone, in orbit, and bigger then your average asteroid, and spherical, then I say it’s a planet. The moon makes Earthwobble‘, would the moon alone not be its own planet if in its own orbit? Lets not forget how its gravity affects the tides (and people) and such. Perhaps there is some substance to lunar mysticism.

One topic for another day are the moons of Pluto.